We are a small team of seasoned – healthily skeptical – marketing specialists from the strategy, creative & data science disciplines. We became radicalized about value creation over the past several years as it became painfully clear that traditional strategies & tactics weren’t working to generate either value for humans or the businesses and brands we worked with.


We’ve worked strategically, creatively and analytically with brands globally and regionally, with ambitious start-ups, not-for-profit organizations and cultural institutions.

Our service model is consultative, iterative and collaborative. If we get it right, our thinking and yours combine to ignite strategic and creative change in how you generate, scale and sustain value for your audiences and your business.


The outcome is singular – a strategic shock to the system of your organization. A shock sufficiently focused to unleash a unified radical response to the chaos of the new marketplace. A strategic response for delivering value into the world & lives of your audiences. A response designed to trigger events of fresh value for your business, your brand and your marketing.

If you’d like to explore working together, please connect with us at one of our offices below or contact founder & lead radicalist Thom Kennon at thom@freeradicals.marketing.