Our method for helping organizations rethink and re-engineer their business, brand and marketing strategy is based upon surfacing the answers and implications concerning three big questions.

What’s going on?

  • what have you done [think cases, quarterly reports, campaign post mortems]
  • what are you doing [plans & programs currently active in-market and near-term planned]
  • what happened [results against current business and marketing objectives]

What do you want?

  • what matters most & why [talk business goals, the truth about the brand]
  • who matters most & why [describe the customers who have or might drive value for themselves & the business ]
  • how is success to be measured [specific business & marketing outcomes – KPIs]

What is to be done?

  • With the fruits of our audit in hand, we work-shop towards a program of radical response – refreshed insights, applied tools & suggested actions designed to ignite fresh value across and throughout your business, brand, marketing – and your customers’ lives.

Here’s how we frame and develop these change strategies, designed to maximize the value impacts for your customers and your business.