With the data, evidence and analysis from our interrogations, we develop a suggested formula for response towards radical value creation.

The answer to ‘what is to be done‘ is a package of insights-grounded strategic recommendations. Leveraging a mix of tools and thinking frameworks we develop a radically unified strategy, a compelling response plan for your brand and its marketing. Each tool’s job within the thinking framework is to uncover and articulate refreshed insights. Actionable insights which are applied to ignite fresh value creation for the business and its audiences.

Here are some of the tools we deploy, taken from cases of businesses and brands we’ve taken to market.


  • Applying a mix of crawling tools and analytics we curate the social web for signals betraying consumer beliefs, intent, emotions, passions and behaviors. There’s a focus group of billions happening in real-time every day. We go there to mine the fresh insights needed for a more radical marketing.

Business & brand alignment

  • You’ll recognize this simple but tenaciously difficult tool to develop honestly and accurately – Sinek’s Golden Circle. With our consumer & cultural insights derived from listening, we turn to the task of determining ‘why’ we exist as a business. The critical test – the job – of your ‘why‘ is that aligns intimately and truthfully with everything your brand does and says in the marketplace. With the business and brand locked around this distilled truth, the ‘why‘ becomes an embedded signal by which our marketing finds and attracts the humans who share it.

Unified thinking

  • If you’re still operating within strategic silos for planning & executing business, brand, product, technology and marketing strategies, chances are good at least one of your smart competitors has already shattered their silos and unified their strategies. For everything. Our ‘strategic pairings‘ methodology suggests a refocused lens through which a newly unified strategy provokes a very different kind of consumer-obsessed brand behavior in the marketplace.

Human profiling

  • Your most crucial step in the refreshed chain of value creation is the re-imagining of your brand’s human audience. If your marketing is still relying on traditional segmentation with declining success, you’ll understand the importance of this move towards revitalizing your credibility, relevance & velocity in the market’s chaos. We work together to develop a fresh composite profiler of your targeted audience, which becomes an essential briefing tool for everything you subsequently do, who you do it for, and who you do it with.

Experience model

  • The most literal answer to ‘what is to be done‘ is distilled and conveyed in the form of a human value experience model. This leverages a behavioral touchpoint planning tool, taking the insights from our human profiler tool and building discrete experience models around the targeted human need-states. The tool articulates the specific activities and outcomes for a radically value-centric marketing – the messages, content and data to be applied to the interface, the service layer, where brand and human value are ignited and exchanged.

The value machine

  • The final step in suggesting ‘what is to be done‘ is a strategic model for an enhanced value-creation marketing machine. In just a handful of years, the actual cycles for our marketing have collapsed from months and weeks, down to days and moments. The difference between thinking and doing – strategy and tactics – has collapsed along with it. The brand response to these changes must be equally radical, thus we suggest a refreshed approach to the machinery of activation. A new machine focused obsessively on generating and exchanging value between humans and brands – in as close to real-time as your business can bravely allow and embrace.

The Radical Response

Depending on the nature and degree of our consulting engagement, several or all of these answers are developed. The ultimate goal is to work insightfully together with the brand, marketing and agency teams to produce an actionably unified strategic response for your business in the marketplace. We package and position this strategic deliverable to enable your organization to achieve an ultimate ambition: re-imagine & redeploy a brand presence in the marketplace obsessively focused on the singular outcome of driving radically fresh and enduring value for your human audiences and your business.

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