Chaos as operating system

The chain of events triggered first by the ubiquity of the web, followed by the saturation of the social experience and now the godlike enablement of consumers through mobile connectivity is complete. Rather, it is unendingly progressive.

We are witnessing nothing short of a permanent revolution in human access, choice and control over almost everything that matters to us in our worlds. It’s a stunning step-change in the human experience, each of us newly empowered to choose and manage the how, when, where, why and with whom we connect.

Business Existential

The obvious implications this has on businesses, organizations and brands is existential. Every enterprise is confronted with a crucial question, to ask and answer: have we rethought what we do and how we do it when it comes to getting and keeping customers. Have we re-centered our entire constellation of value around the only outcome that matters anymore.

The human experience of value.

Butterfly Wings

Brands won’t be able to advertise their way out of the declining situation. The organizations who recognize and respond to the emerged systemic threat to business-as-usual, posed by the new human model of on-demand value, are the ones who will survive to thrive.

Our approach is as anything but prosaic: we help brands move from fearing to harnessing the flapping of butterfly wings. We believe the only rational response to this disruption to the operating system of the marketplace is an equally disruptive shock to the brand, business and marketing system of thinking and doing.

We work with your team to ask and answer some key questions. Then we collaboratively develop a package of radically actionable answers in response to the new chaos.

Here’s how we suggest starting.